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This week bakbamboo was invited to sit down with FSI to discuss their thoughts on:  

Going Plastic-free: How to Build a Sustainable Hospitality Industry

Plastic is considered one of the greatest inventions in the 20 century: it is cheap to make, and it has many valuable uses. In the hospitality industry, single-use plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner, bath gel and lotion save travellers the need to bring their own while addressing hygiene concerns. However, with the convenience it brings, plastic is also causing negative impacts to our planet. 

Read the full interview here: https://shared-impact.com/going-plastic-free-how-to-build-a-sustainable-hospitality-industry/


Bakbamboo in conjunction with Ucommune proudly hosted the first of our event series on Powering Sustainable Opportunities: The Key to Success.  A big Thank you to all our sponsors and delegates for making it such a great event.  Stay tuned : Follow us here on LinkedIn for online updates on our next event in 2020!

Powering Sustainable Opportunities: The Key to Success Event BAKBAMBOO
bakbamboo HK event

The bakbamboo team presented a session on Championing Sustainable Change at a Corporate Wholesale Level at the Kafnu, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong in Hong Kong on September 1st 2019


We would like to thank the audience for an interesting Q&A and networking session and look forward to meeting you again soon!

“The plastic tide is turning. We are finding that in Asia consumers are becoming increasingly aware and expecting businesses to take the lead on providing sustainable options to ensure we protect our precious blue economy" Our primary goal is to cater to large hotels and other accommodation venues across Asia Pacific and beyond. 


 - Naveet McMahon shares her vision to solve one of the biggest problems in the world, our addiction to single-use plastics.

bakbamboo and world bamboo.png

Bakbamboo is the proud member of the #WBO 

The WBO is a network of like-minded individuals and companies that are working towards a more sustainable future by promoting bamboo as a #renewablematerial, food, fabric, paper. The network is composed of 3,000 global members from over 42 countries, and over 6,000 followers on FB. WBO hosts events such as the #WorldBambooCongress in Taiwan 2020, #Bambooworkshops and the #WorldBambooDay on the 18th of September 

Bakbamboo is proud to be part of this much needed initiative: WEDGE HK06 : WOMEN, EXPEDITIONS & BIG PROJECTS 


Ever wondered why we can see everywhere - 'the future is female'?

Well, when it comes to fight against big issues such as climate change for instance, women empowerment and family planning are in the top three of priorities. 

Join bakbamboo with Green Is The New Black and The Great Room on Tue, 3 December 2019 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM HKT 


Join to hear from incredible women leading the change, from polar explorers, to hostage negotiator and sustainability doers. 


In partnership with the Network of Women in Sustainability led by Christina Lee and Sustainable Asia podcast founded by Marcy Trent Long.

upcoming events

hackathon and bakbamboo

Bakbamboo is proud to be part of this much needed initiative: the G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality Hackathon & Innovation Night, taking place on the 22-23 November 2019. 

Students, professionals, entrepreneurs, individuals: everyone is welcome to participate in the hackathon and listen to more than 30 exceptional speakers (and Bakbamboo ;) ) during this 2 days event! It is as well an incredible opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and win 5000 HKD. 


Bakbamboo customers will have an additional 10% discount using BBB19GHH code at the checkout.


Bakbamboo is proud to partner with ReThink and support their mission to harness the power of sustainability.


Join us 23-24th June 2020 in Hong Kong.  Going beyond the Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; sustainability professionals and business owners can access the very latest insight from global visionaries and take away purposeful learnings from real-life enterprise case studies that will stimulate collaboration and drive new strategies through the avoidance of business risk and greater stakeholder engagement.

ReThink provides a collaborative platform for businesses, government and not-for-profit organisations to harness the power of collective change, inspiring sustainability stakeholders and bringing the value chain together to create partnerships, foster a circular economy and secure a more sustainable world.

Network with peers, community champions and business leaders; discuss and debate how to implement measurable practices and improve stakeholder engagement while meeting providers with deployable technology and real solutions.

Register for updates online https://rethink-event.com


Bakbamboo is proud to partner with World Bamboo and support their mission to promote the bamboo industry on a global level. 


Join us September 18-22, 2020 for the 12th World Bamboo Congress. This global event will take place at National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan. The host of the 12th WBC is Taiwan Bamboo Society and the Taiwanese Forestry Bureau.

Taiwan is rich in bamboo resources, bamboo industry technology, and bamboo culture. WBC will invite trailblazers from all over the world to share fruitful experiences in various fields such as bamboo ecology, cultivation, architecture, crafts, design, and community development.


This unique opportunity will combine workshops, bamboo industry technology exposition, bamboo life market, bamboo craft exhibition, etc. for an unforgettable experience. Cultural events such as music concerts, tea seats, and bamboo shoot cuisine will be carefully arranged to give international visitors a sense of the diversity of Taiwanese bamboo culture.


Learn more and register online: https://worldbamboocongress.org/