bakbamboo bamboo box with toothbrush, bamboo comb, bamboo razor, bamboo ear buds, bamboo haribrush

Bakbamboo provides wholesale bamboo fibre amenities including


razors, combs, hair brushes, ear buds, and other sustainable options (e.g. fluoride denttabs) presented in recyclable packaging complete with your own company logo & full customisation.​

Range extends to pens, bamboo lanyards, water bottles, bamboo food utensils & biodegradable food containers and limited edition reusable 6PC bamboo cutlery set.

bakbamboo cutlery set.jpg
Email us for a special discount on BULK orders over 100 sets!
Bakbamboo has teamed up with Liz Fry Design and launched an exclusive eco-friendly reusable 6PC bamboo cutlery set.