We are Bak with Powering Sustainable Opportunities: Expectations for the Supply Chain networking event - Part II of the series hosted and organised by Bakbamboo and Ucommune. 

On Nov 4th 2020 we will go a step further and look at how businesses implement sustainable goals into their supply chain as a reflection of the company's core values. The panel will explore the different aspects of sustainability that can be incorporated in the businesses supply chains such as: environmental protection, social impact and circularity. 


Date: Wednesday 4th November 2020

Venue: 11/F Grand Millennium Plaza, 181 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong

Time: 6.30-9.30pm

bakbamboo bamboo box with toothbrush, bamboo comb, bamboo razor, bamboo ear buds, bamboo haribrush

Bakbamboo supplies bamboo fibre amenities including toothbrushes, razors, combs, hair brushes, ear buds, make-up pads and other sustainable options (e.g. fluoride denttabs) presented in our beautifully designed recyclable packaging complete with your own company logo customisation.

Our wide range of products also extends to bamboo pens, bamboo lanyards, bamboo water bottles, bamboo food utensils including straws and biodegradable take away food containers. and our limited edition reusable 6PC bamboo cutlery set.

bakbamboo cutlery set.jpg
Need ideas for CHRISTMAS Gifts?
LIMITED HK EDITION: Bakbamboo has teamed up with Liz Fry Design and launched their exclusive eco-friendly reusable 6PC bamboo cutlery set.
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